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Moss Removal/Treatment

Not only to keep your community looking good, roof cleaning and moss removal are vitally important to extending the life of your roofs and preventing water damage.  Here in the Northwest, the short, wet days of winter provide the perfect conditions for moss to grow.  If a proper moss treatment program is used by a community, the vast majority of the roofs should stay clean of moss all year long.  For properties that have bigger moss issues, we recommend removal of areas of thick moss and allowing treatment to kill and remove the areas with light moss growth.


Moss Removal/Treatment Includes:

  • Tile roofs should be cleaned with pressure washing
  • Shingled roofs should be cleaned by brooms and brushes
  • Heavy moss sections with moss larger than 1” should be removed
  • Small moss sections with light moss growth should be treated, allowed to die, and wash away
  • Debris will be removed from all hard surfaces and we will do our best to clean the landscaping
  • Treatment is done by application of zinc sulfate to all ridgelines and peaks.
  • Areas of heavy moss will receive direct application
  • Treatment usually takes several weeks to kill the moss and allow it to start washing away.



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